Friday, 11 June 2010

Thursday Day 5

Thank goodness DOMS more or less over! Triceps still feeling it a bit but at least im not walking like a 90 year old now :-)

Sugar cravings seem to be going too, am loving the british strawberries at the moment - so sweet and juicy makes my sweet treat healthy combined with greek yoghurt!

Hada lovely chicken dinner last night with a tiny dollop of mashed potato, carrots, brocolli, sprouts and green beans yum!

Exercise is good feeling better each time I do one, it does take over your life though even though they are short and sharp you still have to have the shower and i have to wash and dry my hair as it just looks awful otherwise - time consuming!!


  1. Keep up the great work, Sarah. You are absolutely right - short workouts that really push you. There is no getting around needing a shower when all is said and done! All my best to ya!

    Strawberries are out here as well - topping my greek yogurt. Fantastic!

  2. It does take over your life, doesn't it? Plus staying on top of what is hapening on the blogs and the site adds another hour a day at least. But well, it will be worth it! Good job so far Sarah, keep going strong!

  3. Thank goodness I'm a stay at home mom with an internet business! I think about sweating and I sweat! My children might suffer, but it's worth it! ;)