Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Got alot of exercise in today - made the most of a lovely sunny morning did workout 1 then went for a nice walk with a friend and the dogs, lunchtime saw the second workout and after working this afternoon am finally back to do this evenings, am going to make it the power circuit as its the most  relaxing and im shattered!
Feeling tired today and the low carb feeling is catching up with me - cant wait for tomorrow and fruit and yoghurt - i find that my sweet fix and am craving something tonight badly!

Time is flying cant believe we are nearly half way through the second week! Not weighing or measuring until the weekend as it is so slow with me that i want to wait a bit otherwise i'll get disheartened!!


  1. Carbs tomorrow - I can also hardly wait!! And I will wait with weighing too - did it on Monday and had only lost 1/2 pound, very disappointing... But I also always gain a lot of muscle on Dax's program, so that might be a reason too. My pants are still not loose though. Ugh.... Enjoy brekkie with yog and fruit!

  2. Hi ya I remember when I did the studio trial I hated the low carb days now I am not so bad, I am craving something sweet but I know that will soon pass. You are doing really well keep at it and I am sure you will lose some inchs and weigh. x

  3. I can't weigh myself or measure. I just have to keep going. My demented personality can't take a disappointment if I haven't lost anything or lost inches. I have measured myself, but I will post the end and beginning results when I absolutely have to! I'm weird that way.