Monday, 21 June 2010

Weekend update!

Not blogged as just been feeling horrible, this is the worst PMT i think ive ever had!! Thankfully today it is all over - not that i should be happy to have totm but at least all the grumpiness shoudl go - strabgely the supplements havent helped at all - i dont feel as bloaty as usual and havent had sore boobs or anything but have been in a vile mood so nto nice - sweet cravings were terrible so i have to admit to not carb cycling over the weekend but just eating cleanly ED style as i needed some sweetness form sugar so had fruit - the extra stress of craving stuff wasnt worth it so i gave my body what it wanted (well my head was telling it chocolate but i made it do with raspberries and strawberries and a kiwi)

My knee is feeling better today so hopefully the normal exercise can resume today - will report later!

Sleep is still the nightmare in my life - I have been doing everything right, no tv (so bored of the football - although Brazil were great maybe if we could play like that i wouldnt want to drop off) i took all my supplements, read in the bath and in bed and got my early night - all sounding good?? wen toff like a light then my OH who is suffering from terrible hayfever is up from abut 3pm sniffing, sneezing and getting up and down for the next few hours - i cant win when i finally get my own sleep sorted someoen else wakes me up!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Took my son to school today feeling half drunk/half still alseep !

Ok enough of my moaning - at least if i air it here i will keep the negativity off the boards!! Hope evryone else is doing better than me!!!!


  1. Oh Sarah, you really are not feeling good at all! Sorry to hear that. At least your knee is better, and with PMS finally over it seems that you will come out on the other side today... Feel better!

  2. Thanks A xx i feel like the cloud has lifted a bit lol xx

  3. Hang in there , Sarah! Hopefully it will all sort itslef out in the next couple of days. Who know, maybe we'll even lose some weight!!!

  4. Hey Sarah, hope you're feeling better by now!