Friday, 9 July 2010

Final results!

Not sure there's much point me posting htese as there so little difference you wont be able to see any change really!

Weight 2lbs lost
Inches 2 inches overall

Not sure why i cant line the first two up - but as I said not a huge difference!

The thing is though even though i look no different, there are still changes, my supplementation is now working, effective and regular, nutrition whilst I generally follow Ed principles 80% of the time it has become normal to me now, and what I mean by that is when i first heard of the ED and tried it last year it seemed like I was cutting out things that i enjoyed or maybe just wanted to eat, each time less items have come back into my diet on the whole, I used to be a carb queen although this didnt seem to contribute to my weight gain really but meals were quite carb based so I'd always have potatoes or rice or pasta, now I rarely have pasta and if i do i feel horrible after so it no longer has much appeal, I still love ptatoes in every shape and form but i would now have a tiny amount and i dont miss them in meals if i dont have them, i used to drink 5-10 cups of tea a day and now only have 1 or 2 max and having introduced rooibos tea only a month ago I now dont really enjoy normal tea as much so will stick to the rooibos with a splash of organic skimmed milk!

Yesterday we had a celebration evening at our Obesity Project course as an end for the families, this was an hour of street dance which was fun and i dont think i'll be joing the Black Eed Peas backing dancers anytime soon but hey it was fun! Then we had a healthy picnic NHS style which is quite tricky to make it a treat for the kids yet healthy (NHS style) i repeat that as it is far from the ED! So we had a variety of low fat dips, hummus, tzatziki, salsa etc with breadsticks, low fat crisps (cardboard) cold hams and chicken, pittas, babybell cheeses, some low fat yoghurts, fruit - strawberries, cherries, pineapple chunks and the tiny bite sized pieces of flapjack and baby gingerbread men! - I should just mention that we had no prep area and had to literally use ready prepared items or it could have been alot better!

So I dipped a mini breadstick in the hummus (I love hummus) I tried a low fat crisp which i just thought why bother it tastes of nothing and the textrure was like cardboard! Give me my cashews anyday! I picked on a few bits of chicken and couldnt stop on the cherries once i started they were so sweet and juicy, had a few strawberries and then for some reason thought id have a bite of the flapjack - I had to discreetly spit it out it just tasted of pure sugar and it just shows me how my taste buds have changed and how I now view food especially when its the low fat/diet crap which doesnt resemble real food at all! Ive never gone along with diet food however seeing it and trying it just confirms to me that natural wholesome food is what should make up most of our diets - things I would now consider treats would be a few roast potatoes with my dinner or the odd piece of good quality dark chocolate!!

So even though the scales dont go where I want them too I have to thank Dax for such a great nutritional plan which if nothing else provides me with good health - I rarely get colds or illness and that at the end of the day is worth it all!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Last MAP day

Wow the month has come to an end - it seems to have flown by - I'd love to thave the luxury of doing this whilst not working or doing school runs etc etc and just devoting all my time to myself and fitness and nutiriton I really think a massive difference could be made in that instance - as usual i am juggling it all and probably not making massive progress is any one aspect but ticking over on them all - how do people make huge success with everything surely something has to give somewhere?

I am going to miss the discipline, motivation and accountability but wont miss the 4 workouts and guilt if you cant fit them all in! I wont miss the specific dietry changes but will enjoy being able to encorporate them into my lifestyle that suits my body - I know low carb didnt agree wth my pms but is fine when im over it! I am taking new supplements so will see how this month goes!

Looking forward to some new workouts as having done this 3 times now whilst some i love, some i'm bored of now! its all about variety so that is why i enjoy reboot and only doing 2 a day that will seem easy!!!

Off to do my own workout now in the garden trying out a new one before tomorrows client gets it! then its cookery session with the obese families this afternoon - all good fun!!!