Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Last MAP day

Wow the month has come to an end - it seems to have flown by - I'd love to thave the luxury of doing this whilst not working or doing school runs etc etc and just devoting all my time to myself and fitness and nutiriton I really think a massive difference could be made in that instance - as usual i am juggling it all and probably not making massive progress is any one aspect but ticking over on them all - how do people make huge success with everything surely something has to give somewhere?

I am going to miss the discipline, motivation and accountability but wont miss the 4 workouts and guilt if you cant fit them all in! I wont miss the specific dietry changes but will enjoy being able to encorporate them into my lifestyle that suits my body - I know low carb didnt agree wth my pms but is fine when im over it! I am taking new supplements so will see how this month goes!

Looking forward to some new workouts as having done this 3 times now whilst some i love, some i'm bored of now! its all about variety so that is why i enjoy reboot and only doing 2 a day that will seem easy!!!

Off to do my own workout now in the garden trying out a new one before tomorrows client gets it! then its cookery session with the obese families this afternoon - all good fun!!!


  1. Sarah, thanks for always being there on the forum and all your positive input! Its always fun doing this with you and I wish we all would be able to meet up and do a workout together before sharing "war-stories" :-)
    All the best for you going forward - and see you on Reboot! Big hug ()

  2. Ah thanks Annette xx And you too - yes a workout would be fun wouldnt it - well your always welcome anytime you come to the UK x C u on the other side lol xx