Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Catch up Friday, Sat, Sun & Mon

All going ok - the weekend was a bit of a washout as i didnt start the carb cycling sunday as we were away and i didnt have internet access so did know when it was starting - although in the scheme of things i managed ok - we went for a world cup bbq - i had a jacket spud on saturday as i couldnt face the asda economy sausages burgers and chicken drumsticks - there wasnt a salad leaf or tomato in sight! I drank my water but later in the evening when i was freezing i succumbed to a cup of tea!
Sunday i had a roast chicken dinner as it was a birthday pub lunch - it was lovely a whole chicken breast, cualiflower, brocolli and carrots (all steamed) and 3 roast potatoes - we did nt eat until 3pm so i didnt eat again, I had taken with me my greek yog and raspberries for brekkie so although not that low carb it wasnt that high either!

Yesterday Monday was my forst true low carb day - i do struggle on this - i rely on my fruit and yog for snacks and a sweet fix, so as the shopping was low yesterday i didnt actually eat alot, I snacked on cashews throughout the day and drank my water and redbush tea, for dinner I had a chicken breast, brocolli, green beans and a few carrots!

Exercise wise i like the pyramid so am enjoying putting that one back in - may mix it all up a bit today (Tues) with some reboot sessions too for a change - off to do todays now :-)

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