Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wednesday - Day 3

Catch up post - yesterday (day 3) was just as painful, my lovely friend helped me get through the meltdown by doing it with me although I have to admit to swearing my way through it - pure torture! DOMS are evil and i havent experienced anything like this since i was beasted by a male PT several years ago who put me out of action for days!

I had greek yog and nuts and berries, chicken and rye bread and cherry tomatoes, chicken and breast and roasted veg for dinner! Drank my water so all going well so far - no changes in appearance, weight or measurements yet though :-(

Thursday (day 4) so far so good, DOMS much better, triceps a little sore still but not nearly so bad and legs alot better too! Phew! Meltdown this morning was bearable and intervals ok too!


  1. Well done you - having a mate around to do Meltdown with sounds like a real boost. Glad the DOMS is better today, I seemed to warm up after Meltdown this morning too. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Sue - DOMS much better thank you x